Until seven years ago, my most artistic endeavor was painting faux wallpaper. I was retired, had some extra time, and my good friend Marie talked me into joining a local group of friends who met every week to paint and go to lunch.  While I was sure I was not going to be a painter, I knew I could handle the lunch part!    

It is not an understatement to say that my friends and I were equally unimpressed with my first artistic efforts.  Fortunately, they kept encouraging me; I enjoyed the company, and truly enjoyed the effort and challenge of learning something new.    

I decided I needed some extra help if I was going to get better and have had the pleasure of working with several talented teachers including Mildred Gaylord, Linda Boyer, Jeffrey Jakub, and most encouragingly Pay Boyd.   I have also studied watercolor with Sterling Edwards and Canadian artist Stephen Rothwell and acrylic with Robert Barridge.  I am not sure what “type” of artist I am yet.  I have worked with acrylic and pastels and have tried pen and ink. My favorite mediums at the moment are water-soluble oils and watercolors. 

I must admit I have come a long way since my first attempts.  I have won several awards in competitions sponsored by the Martin County Art Council, Silverfest in Greenville, NC and the North Carolina Woman’s Club and in the Beaufort County Art show.  I have also had work juried into art shows sponsored by the North Carolina Watercolor Society that have been displayed at the Museum of Art in Greenville, NC and Ambleside Gallery in Greensboro, NC.  I am a member of the North Carolina Watercolor society and Brushstrokes.   

While it is always a thrill to sell a piece of work, I paint because I enjoy it.  Please check out the paintings and if they bring a smile and a little joy, then I am happy and have achieved my purpose.